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Duncan reinventing the joining ritual by infusing pastries with darkspawn blood.

Duncan Donuts



Ferelden runs on Duncan.

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So apparently feminism is a hate movement. I’m sorry I don’t remember any feminists going on any shooting sprees because they were rejected by men or sending death and rape threats to blogger who pointed out sexism in video games.

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Because the first time I got raped, my boyfriend broke up with me because I had “cheated” on him.
Because the word “rape” is considered a joke.
Because there over 70% of women let their partners fuck them when they don’t want it.
Because 17% of American women have been the victim of sexual assault at some point in their lives.
Because only 39% of rapists get reported to the police, and only 3% of them go to jail.
Because about 13% of the rape victims commits suicide.
Because the first time I got raped, he put a knife to my throat and told me he would kill me if I said I didn’t want it.
Because when I wanted to report him, people told me I couldn’t because I hadn’t said “no” to him.
Because at least half of all babies born to minor women are fathered by adult men. (10+ years age difference)
Because I can’t wear a skirt without being told “I’m asking for it.”
Because when I went to a party when I was 14 and I wore a skirt and a guy kept touching my ass all night, my mother told me it shouldn’t have happened if I wore sweatpants.
Because a 16 year old girl who had her first orgasm while getting raped, had to watch her 34 (!) year old rapist go free because she had had an orgasm.
Because when my guy friend told me and some friends he got raped by a women when he was 13, a “friend” laughed at him and said he should be happy he got laid that young.
Because my 17 year old best friend’s parents let her 14 year old brother walk outside until 12pm, but she has to be home at 10.
Because a guy from my old school got raped by another guy, but because he is gay, they said it wasn’t considered rape.
Because a 19 year old lesbian got raped by a guy, and he didn’t go to prison because he said “he only tried to turn her straight so she would get accepted by her parents”
Because in some cultures, girls (and boys) still get thrown out of the family because some guy/girl sexually assaulted them.
Because they’re still teaching girls to walk faster at night instead of teaching guys they shouldn’t rape.
Because I have to explain why I’m angry because of rape.

Why I am fucking angry - D.A.N (the-fault-in-our-scars)
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If you think women are crazy you’ve never had a dude go from hitting on you to literally threatening to kill you in the time it takes you to say “no thanks.”

Kendra Wells (via belle-de-nuit)

Well this is fucking surreal

(via bigfatfeminist)
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Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow

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Be the person Uncle Iroh knows you can be

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im laughing cause they look like a 90’s boyband


the backstroke boys

Rei decides to go solo.



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me after every episode of hannibal


us after every episode of hannibal


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just bc someone has low self esteem or has depression doesnt mean theyre not fucking disgusting and manipulative and i keep having to learn this lesson over and over

If someone uses their mental illnesses as an excuse to hurt you without apologizing you get the fuck out of there. My abuser would use it as an excuse and make me feel guilty for my hurt feelings because it wasn’t his fault he was cruel to me.


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